The Dress for Less (pics, too!)

I’ve been watching wedding shows and specials for years now. ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ is one of my faves! But watching all these women spending thousands of dollars on one dress, honestly, annoys me! Sure, it’s a blast (for most women) to go to a bridal salon, try on several dresses, have your friends and family ‘ooh and ahh’ and shed some tears. But at what cost? $2000? $4000? For ONE dress! Yes, it is your wedding dress and hopefully, it will be a once in a lifetime experience, but it doesn’t have to put you (or your parents) in debt.

Here’s a little backstory:

Daniel and I got engaged June 20, 2012. It was absolutely an amazing proposal! Along with the help – and a few little white lies – from my mom and best friends, Daniel organized a party at my mom’s house. The excuse was, ‘it’s just time we had a party, it’s been too long!’ I admit, I had my suspicions, but I love parties, so what the heck? I’ll buy it! So all of our friends, family friends and our moms were there ‘just because it’s time for a party.’ About an hour and a half into it, everyone had mysteriously gathered around us and Daniel announces he has something to say. I must have looked like a deer in the headlights! But deep down, I think I knew what was about to happen. He takes my hand, tells me how much he loves me, he can’t imagine spending the rest of his life without me, cracks a joke about wanting to be with me even with the ‘occasional gassy-ness’ (yes, he really did!), then gets down on one knee, presents my ring and asks me to marry him! By this time I am doing the ‘ugly cry’ and I answer, through the tears, with a very emphatic ‘YEEEESSSS!’ The crowd cheers through their tears and then come the hugs and ‘congrats!’ Come to find out, everyone knew that Daniel was proposing to me that night! Everyone but me. And I loved it!

So the very next day, what do I do? Start searching the internet for wedding dresses!

Of course, I made an appointment at David’s Bridal with a few dresses in mind. But I knew in my heart that MY dress couldn’t be found in their store. I had already decided that I wanted a pink dress, even before Daniel proposed. You see, I’m not your typical bride, not a traditional bride – there is nothing traditional about us! But just to have the experience of trying on several dresses with my mom and my two best friends, we went to David’s. Not to knock their dresses or anything, but they are pretty ‘common’ for my taste. And their pink dress, the ONE pink dress they had, was definitely not ‘me’ nor was it in my budget! There was no way I was going pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for my wedding dress! But we had a good time anyway – what woman doesn’t want to try on wedding dresses??

I looked at other salon sites, as well. But in my search, I found a website called Tidebuy. It’s a Chinese site that sells wedding and special occasion dresses for a fraction of what you would spend in a bridal salon. They make designer ‘knock-offs’ in any color you want! This was the site for me! (After all, most wedding dresses come from China anyway, why not go directly to the ‘source’?) I had an idea of what style I wanted because I had tried on some dresses at David’s. I wanted something different, not something you would see of every episode of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’. And something that would blow Daniel (and my guests) away! When I came across MY dress on the Tidebuy website, my jaw dropped and I just knew that was THE ONE! It’s a Watters knock-off, strapless, ruched top, fluffy tulle skirt…in PINK! Not blush, but baby pink! The original dress cost something like $2000-3000. Mine was $240!! Sure, I worried that it wouldn’t fit. But with only spending $240, I could have it altered, if need be.

I placed my order and received my dress about three weeks later. I was stunned!! It was gorgeous!! I was so happy with my choice. It fit great (you give them your exact measurements when you order, or you can order by sizes), but ultimately, I chose to have it altered to a corset back instead of just a zipper. So for another $200 for the corset and bustle, I had my dream dress for $440!! It didn’t even need to be hemmed because I chose to wear 3 1/4′ platform flip flops. (Beach wedding, remember?? Heels would have been impossible!)

So you see, girls, there is no need to spend several thousand dollars to have a drop-dead gorgeous wedding dress…you can look fabulous for less!! Yes, even us plus-sized girls!! Because let’s me honest, those plus-sized wedding dresses in the salons are pretty hideous!! And I know I wasn’t about to settle for a glorified muumuu…

The dress 019067


NOTE: Tune in next time for…BRIDESMAID DRESSES!!



  1. Thank you for sharing your story Ann. I love your dress and you look beautiful in it.

  2. Thank you, Lisa!! 😉

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